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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Simply Soft Socks

Simply Soft Socks


1 Skein Caron Simply Soft-any color
1 Set of #3 DPNs
1 Yarn needle

Gauge: 6 sts and 9 rnds = 1 inch in Stock St

Note: This is a generic, plain sock, so if you prefer circs, by all means-use them-this pattern should work well for two circs or magic loop. If you wish to do two socks at once on circs, then simply wind half the yarn into another ball for the second sock-or, if you're lazy like me, simply buy another skein and have enough yarn for matching handwarmers or another pair of socks.

Note: You may need to adjust this pattern to your foot-I have a fairly wide foot and I don't like snug socks, but it should be easily adjustable-just keep an even number for the ribbing.
CO 48 sts and divide however you like for the needles you're using-I like the heel/sole sts to be on the third needle-to be worked last.

Join and work 8 rnds k1 p1 ribbing. This will give you app. 1" of ribbing-work more or less to suit yourself.

Work 20 rnds in stock st-more or less to suit how long you want the cuff. On the last rnd, begin working your short row heel on the heel sts-I work until I have 6 unworked sts on each side-you do what you need for your heel and use your preferred short row method. I will link to a site that has descriptions and instructions for three types if you aren't sure about short rows-pick your favorite from them. Note (DPNs only): If you find the other two needles getting in the way-transfer the instep sts to a length of waste yarn until you're ready to work the foot of the sock, then transfer the sts back to your needles.

Note: There will be a hole on each side of the heel when you start to work in the round again-simply pick up a stitch between the needles, twist it, put it on the left needle and knit the two sts together to close the hole. Do the same when you get to the other side of the heel. After finishing the heel, work in the round in stock st until sock foot is about 2 inches from finished foot length-here I've found that my hand is a good measure, from the bottom of my palm to the tip of my longest finger is about where I need to start my toe.

Using the heel/sole sts again-do a short row toe exactly like you did the heel, then graft the instep and toe sts with kitchener st. I'll link to a nice tutorial for this too-it isn't as hard as you might think. You'll want to put all the instep sts on one needle for this step.

Note: If you'd rather do wool socks, feel free. This is just a basic pattern, so adjust it however you need.


Wrapped st short row
Not my favorite-but included for fairness.

YO short row
This is the one I'm using.

Japanese short rows
I would recommend coilless safety pins for this short row.

For my foot (size 8-1/2W shoe, American):

8 rnds ribbing
20 rnds st st cuff
short row heel w/6 unworked sts each side
40 rnds st st foot
short row toe, same as heel

The sock is actually slightly big, but not overly so-and I don't like snug socks anyway. I wear an American shoe size 8-1/2, so figure yours from there.