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Monday, November 05, 2012

Garter Stitch Ribbed Mitts

Ever since I started making these, it's been in the back of my mind that I could create a knit pattern for them. Well, I just sat down and did just that. Here it is. They are very warm. I've written it in two sizes, but once you make them you'll see how easy it will be to make them larger, smaller, longer or shorter. And you can pick the wrong or right side, whichever side you think looks best.


WW yarn (I used RHSS)
Knitting needles size 10

Yarn needle.

Note: They are worked from side to side and sewn together after.

CO 30 sts. K 11 (13) rows

CO 10 sts at the end of row11 (13) and continue in garter st until you have a total of 40 (44) rows. BO, leaving a long end for sewing.

Thread a yarn needle with the long end and sew mitt together, sewing the CO and BO edges tog. Be sure to leave the thumb opening. You will sew the hand tog first, then bring over the original CO edge to finish the wrist. Weave in all loose tails.

Note: For you knitters who don't like to knit in the round, but want a more traditional-looking mitt, there's a free pattern on Ravelry

Note: These mitts can also be made with any weight of yarn with appropriately-sized needles, just adjust your stitch/row count to fit your hand.