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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Peace, Be Still Shawl

Joann Sensations Rainbow Boucle-1 skein Dark Blue
Knitting needles size 10½, 29" length
Yarn needle for weaving in loose ends


Note: Slip the first stitch of each row as if to K for a smoother edge.
Note: Row 1 of Pattern Rows is RS

Pattern Rows:
1: K
2: K 3, P to last 3, K 3
3: K 3, (KFB of next st) 3 times, *(K2TOG) 6 times, (KFB of next st) 6 times, rep from * across to last 9 sts, (KFB of next st) 3 times, K 3.
4: Rep row 2.


CO 114 sts and K 6 rows for gart st border.

Work Pattern Rows until shawl is the length desired, K 6 rows for gart st border and BO in K.

Using yarn needle, work loose ends in on WS of shawl.

CO..........Cast On
BO..........Bind Off
gart st....garter stitch
KFB........Knit (in) Front (and) Back
K2TOG..Knit 2 Together
WS..........Wrong Side
RS...........Right Side

Thursday, March 02, 2006

KopyKat Sea of Tranquility

Since none of the feather and fan patterns I ran across online were written right I decided to sit down with some yarn and needles and come up with my own. It's very similar to the Feather and Fan Dishcloth. The only differences are I fixed Row 6 of the pattern and added a couple of more knit rows after that because that's the way I remember the one I had. I know it's not an exact copy of the one I had, which is why I'm calling it KopyKat.
Materials: I used Bernat Softee Baby and size 10½ straight needles

Note: If you make an afghan using this pattern then use a circular needle.
Note: Slip the first st of each row for a nicer edge.

Cast on a multiple of 18 sts + 6 more-I cast on 78 and am making a wrap.

K 6 rows for garter st border.

Now do pattern as follows:

Row 1: K
Row 2: K 3, P to last 3, K 3
Row 3: K3, (K2tog) 3 times, *(YO, K1) 6 times, (K2tog) 6 times, rep from * to last 9 sts, K(2tog) 3 times, K 2
Rows 4-6: K

Repeat these 6 rows for pattern until your project is desired size, end by working Row 3.
K 6 rows for garter st border and BO in K.

Work in any loose ends.

Abbreviations used:

CO: Cast On
BO: Bind Off
K: Knit
P: Purl
YO: Yarn Over
K2tog: Knit 2 together
st: Stitch
This pattern has not been tested with anyone other than myself so if you try it and find a problem, please let me know.