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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

MTF Booties/Slippers

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These are Make-to-Fit slippers that will work for anything from a baby bootie to an adult slipper. All you need is yarn, hook and three measurements.


Baby booties: Baby yarn (the softer the better) and a smaller crochet hook (E, F or G)

Children: Anything from Baby yarn to WW and crochet hook from G-I

Adult: Anything from Baby Yarn to WW and crochet hook from I-K

I would be careful using wool, unless it's superwash wool.

If you'd like to try this with thread and a steel hook, let me know how it turns out.
Firstly, if the foot the bootie/slipper is intended for is not around to try on the slipper as you go (or it's a surprise) then you need three measurements:

Length (toe-heel)
Instep (toe-ankle)
Circumference (around widest part of foot)
Note: Keep records as you go so it's easier to make the second slipper.

Note: Any stitch from sc-dc can be used for the body of the slipper, I'm using hdc for illustration purposes. The cuff will be done in FPDC/BPDC

Note: If you use sc, work in a spiral instead of ending each rnd. Use a stitch marker/safety pin to mark first st of each rnd until you get to instep.

With desired hook and yarn ch 2, 6 hdc in 2nd ch from hook. Join with sl st to beg hdc. 6 hdc.

Rnd 2: Ch 1, 2 hdc in each hdc around, join with sl st to beg hdc. 12 hdc.

Continue increasing 6 hdc evenly spaced until circumference of circle is app that of foot. Since the slipper will probably be stretchy, depending on yarn, it would be best to make it a bit smaller.

Work even until slipper is the length of instep. You will now be working in rows. Remove stitch marker at this time if using sc.

Ch 1, hdc in same sp and around, leaving from 2-4 hdc free at end for instep-depending on width of foot.

Next row: Ch 1, turn, hdc in each hdc. Continue in this manner until length of slipper is length of foot, ending with right side row.

Turn slipper inside out and sl st heel opening closed. Break off and fasten. Turn slipper right side out.

Edit (10/29/08): I really should have thought of this before. Get creative with this pattern and try some of the novelty yarns-bouclé, fuzzy, furry, whatever. Try holding a strand of yarn with a strand of fuzzy or furry for some thick, warm fuzzy slippers-I've even found the fuzzy and furry yarn on special at some stores for as little as $1 a ball, so it doesn't have to be expensive at all.

Hat pattern can be found here.

This pattern © Julie Hicks, January 16, 2005.

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