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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wide Headband

This is a very simple, warm ear warmer, perfect for women (or men) who have long hair and don't like to wear hats because of it. I don't have a picture yet, I'll have to wait until I can get my hands on a camera.

About 1 oz of Cascade 220 Superwash, color 817-an off-white
About 1 oz of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, color 1168-brown
Knitting needles size 13US, 9mm

Gauge is unimportant-I did have 4 rows=about 1"-unstretched
You will work with one strand of each yarn held together as one.

CO 20 sts.

Slipping the first st of each row, work garter st for 64 rows. BO.

You can sew or crochet the two narrow ends together, I put them together as I bound off by putting my right needle through a st, and then through a lp of the beg row before making the st and binding off. It doesn't really matter-I was just experimenting. Hide all loose ends.

You can size this to any size head, just account for the stretchiness of the garter st as you make it-my head is 22" and I made mine about 16"-18"

You could use any yarn/needles, just use the measurement of the head you're making it for and make it about 4"-6" smaller. Mine is a bit loose, it depends on how tight you want it.

Try using one strand of super chunky yarn instead of two smaller strands.
Crochet version.
I haven't tried one yet, but it would be very simple, simply use a large crochet hook, ch 15-21(depending on how wide you want it) and work in sc or hdc ribbing (work each row in the BLO of the row below) and then crochet the two ends tog.

You will ch 1 to turn each row-for sc or hdc-it will not count as a st.

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