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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Triangular Garter Stitch Shawl

For a comfy, easy shawl, just use this formula:

Gauge is unimportant. Use any size circular and yarn to match, this is just a formula. You could use straight needles for a time, but you will have to go to a circular eventually to accommodate the increased number of stitches.

With WW yarn and size 9 circular needle (at least 29") CO 4 sts.

Sl the first st as if to k, inc in next st by KF&B, k across.

Continue in this manner until shawl is desired size and CO.

For stripes, change colors as desired. I'm using partial skeins of RHSS I've had for years, but you can use any WW yarn you like.

And yes, you could start dec after a time, make a big square and give it to someone for a baby blanket-it's based on the diagonal baby blanket pattern without the yarn-over increases.

Note: When changing colors, k the first st of the row, inc in next st, k across, then go back to sl the first st after the color is changed.

Note: Always change color on the right side of the shawl to keep the stripes looking nice and like the ones in the picture.


K: Knit
ST: Stitch
INC: Increase
SL: Slip
KF&B: Knit in the front and back

CO: Cast off

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