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Friday, September 16, 2011

Corner-Corner Afghan


Yarn and appropriately-sized circular knitting needle at least 29" long for baby blanket, longer for full-size afghans.

Note: Afghan is worked from one corner to the opposite corner, hence the name.

Note: You may also make this more cushy by working afghan completely in gart st (k each row), just inc in the first st of each row and then dec at the beg of each row.

Note: If you make afghan entirely in gart st, you do not need to use a marker.


CO one st.

Row 1: Inc 1 st by kfb

Row 2: Inc, k to end

Rep Row 2 until you have 7 sts on needle.

Next row: Inc, k 2, pm, k across.

Now work as follows:

Next Row (WS): Inc, k 2, p to marker, remove marker, k 4
Next Row (RS): Inc, k 3, pm, k across.

Continue in established pat until blanket is desired width. Then work as follows:

WS row: Dec (k2tog), k 3, p to marker, remove marker, k 4
RS row: Dec (k2tog), k 3, pm, k across.

Continue in this way until there are 8 sts remaining, then cont working in gart st, dec at the beg of each row, until you have 1 st remaining. Cut yarn and thread through last st and pull tight. Hide all yarn ends.

You can make this with all one color or change colors for diagonal striping pattern. Change colors at the beginning of RS only for a neat look. You may also work a design into the st st part as you go, or duplicate-stitch a pattern into it after knitting for even more variety. Any chart out there could be used, from simple to complex, as long as the stitch count matches the blanket.


CO: Cast On
k: Knit
p: Purl
kfb: Knit in front and back of indicated st
k2tog: Knit two together
RS: Right side
WS: Wrong side
inc: increase
dec: decrease
Rep: repeat
st st: stockinette st
gart st: garter st
st(s): stitch(es)
pm: place marker

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