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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Basic Glove

Yes, I know the thumb and wrist ribbing are a different color. That was because I ran out of the lighter yarn as I was working. This glove is simply a demonstration so that I have a picture. But if you like it, feel free to copy it, or even do each finger in a different color. Just be sure to use the glove color to bring palm of glove up to base of fingers before switching colors. This will leave more ends to work in, but just leave them long enough to thread through a yarn needle.

WW yarn, app 4 ozs should be sufficient
Crochet hooks sizes G and I
Yarn needle to weave in ends
small safety pins for markers (at least 2)

Gauge: Not terribly important

Difficulty: I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner, intermediate at the very least.

Right, I'm just going to write how I did this in basic language. Start out using the larger hook, the smaller one will come in later when you add your ribbing.

What I did was to chain a chain that fit around my hand without stretching. You do want an even number for the ribbing added later to come out right. I believe mine came out to 30 sts.

Being careful not to twist sts, join this chain to form a circle.

Ch 1, sc in each ch st around Place a marker (such as a small safety pin) in the first st to mark beg of rnds as you will not be joining rnds, but working in a spiral.

Sc in each sc around, moving marker up as you go, for about an inch. (Took me about 10 rnds)

Shaping Thumb Gusset:

Sc in 1st sc, inc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc, inc in next sc, sc in next sc and mark this sc. (It will be removed later, after you finish shaping gusset). Sc in rem sc of rnd

Sc in each sc around, moving both markers up.

Sc in 1st sc, inc in next sc, sc to within 1 st of second marker, inc in st just before marker, sc in rem sc around, moving both markers up.

Sc in each sc around, moving both markers up.

Rep the incs as before, moving both markers up.

Sc in each sc around, moving both markers up.

Sc in first sc, ch 5, remove second marker and sc in that sc and each sc around. You no longer need the second marker, but continue to move the first marker up.

This is where you'll need to try the glove on frequently. You will need to work even for about an inch, or until you reach the bottom of your pinky.

Put the glove on and mark the two sc that are app between the pinky and ring finger. Move the one you've been using to mark the beg of rnds as you will now be working each finger individually and that doesn't matter anymore.

Sc around to the first marker (back of glove) and move it up, then sc around to the other marker (palm) and remove it, making a sc in the marked sc. Ch enough chs so that you will have 10 sts from the marked st, then turn glove and sc in marked sc on back of glove. Set this marker aside, and sc around to ch sts between fingers, mark the sc before the ch as the beg of rnd.

Sc in the ch sts between fingers, and in each sc, then continue to work evenly, trying on the glove, until the finger is just above tip of the pinky. End off, leaving at least 4 inches. Thread end of yarn into a yarn needle and weave it through the tops of the sts in the last rnd and pull tight. Turn finger inside-out and secure yarn to inside, then weave end through sts on wrong side, then turn finger back right side out.

You see where I'm going with this? Trying on the glove as you go insures that the fingers are right, and you can frog back to add more chs if it's too tight.

Now, try the glove on and mark the scs between the ring finger and middle finger. Attach yarn to the sc on the palm of glove where the pinky is attached, then sc around, moving markers up and sc in free loops of ch between pinky and ring finger. This should bring palm of glove up to the base of the ring finger. Now, with marked sc  on palm of glove as your beg of rnd, crochet the ring finger, having at least 11-12 sts, however many you need to fit around ring finger comfortably. Complete finger as you did the pinky, trying glove on to get length right, and then continue on with the other two fingers as established, working another rnd around to bring palm of glove up to the base of middle finger before starting to crochet the finger. 11-12 sts should be sufficient for remaining fingers as well. For the index finger, work sts into side of first rnd of middle finger if you need to, to get sufficient sts for index finger to fit comfortably.

Once you're finished with the fingers, it's time to do the thumb, and this one will have to be done a little differently. Attach yarn to one side of gusset and sc all the way around, marking firs st of rnd as before.

Sc around, dec one st on each side of thumb gusset.

Sc around.

Do prev 2 rows alternately one or two more times, or until you have 11-12 sc, then work evenly until thumb is long enough and finish off as with the fingers.

Wrist ribbing:

Using smaller hook, attach yarn to any free lp at lower end of glove. Ch 13, or however many you like, to get length you want, plus one to turn.

Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Sl st into same st you attached yarn in, and in next free lp and turn.

Skip the 2 sl sts and sc in BLO of each sc across. Ch 1, turn.

Sc in BLO of each sc across, sl st into next 2 free lps on glove, turn

You see the pattern now? Sc in BLO throughout and work ribbing all the way around glove. When you've reach the last two free lps, do not ch 1 and turn at the end of row, but sl st the last row you just made to the first row all the way down, cut  yarn leaving at least 4 inches long, thread end through a yarn needle and secure on the wrong side of ribbing, hiding the end. Your glove is now finished, make another one for your other hand, if you managed to understand these instructions.


Scotkat said...

Thankyou Chatty this looks a great pattern I shall have ago .

I tried to knit gloves but found it difficult fit in thumb.

Chatty said...

Good luck. I just write them out as I do them, hopefully it translated well

And you're welcome.